County Attorney


The County Attorney's office performs a wide range of legal services, including both civil and criminal duties, across Logan County government. The County Attorney is the prosecuting attorney for all violations of criminal law in Logan District Court; these duties include all misdemeanors (i.e., DUI offenses, traffic violations, assaults, and thefts of less than $1,000). Our office handles all felony complaints and arrests made prior to presentation to the Logan County Grand Jury. Additionally, the County Attorney's office oversees all juvenile proceedings in Logan District Court, including juvenile criminal violations, status offenses, as well as dependency, neglect, and abuse matters.

As legal advisor to the Logan County Fiscal Court and the elected officials of Logan County, the County Attorney also has a number of civil responsibilities in Logan County. We work closely with the Sheriff, County Clerk, and P.V.A. offices to collect delinquent property taxes within the County. The County Attorney also oversees the Logan County Child Support Enforcement Office to collect child support for the residents of Logan County. Also, our office is available to assist with the filing and presentation of all Guardianship proceedings, Involuntary Hospitalizations, and petitions involving Casey's Law in Logan District Court.